Quit Smoking Cigarettes – Why it’s Hard

Quit Smoking Cigarettes – Why it’s Hard

Have you ever thought of buying a vape pen starter kit? For most, they don’t really think too much about alternatives and yet without them, it’s almost impossible to give up smoking. The trouble is, smoking is a bad habit and giving it up can be often difficult. However, is it impossible to quit fully? Well, not entirely; it’s hard but it isn’t impossible to quit and stay away from smoking as long as you have some suitable help. Why is it hard to give up smoking and quit smoking cigarettes? Read on to find out more.

They’re Addictive

Putting a pod vape to one side, smoking can be very addictive indeed. Cigarettes have tobacco and nicotine within them and that means they are more addictive in every sense of the word. People can start off being an occasional smoker but they turn into a hard-fast smoker. It is all down to the nicotine content and how high it is within traditional cigarettes. For most people they do find it hard to give up entirely and find cigarettes are just too tempting. You really can’t blame people as to why they choose cigarettes and they are quite addictive even when you smoke once or twice a day. When you miss your morning cigarette, smokers can start to feel the effects and can become very annoyed indeed.

You Can Be Tempted To Smoke Again

There are thousands who do in fact go cold turkey when quitting and give up all cigarettes which is amazing. However, while this can last a day or two, sometimes even a week, it can soon change. The problem is that cigarettes are tempting to smokers especially those cutting down or quitting. When a smoker passes someone smoking they are tempted to join them! That is why it’s so hard to quit because smoking is addictive and it’s tempting to start up again. For most, they are now looking into a vape pen starter kit as they believe this is the only solution to cutting out the cigarettes.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes – Why it’s Hard

Fewer Alternatives That Actually Work

Quitting smoking and giving up cigarettes entirely isn’t impossible but you need to find a suitable substitute in order to help you. A vape pen can be the ideal choice as it helps reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily and weekly basis. This can motivate you in reducing smoking and eventually allow you to give up smoking entirely. However, it isn’t going to be easy because you will be sorely tempted to smoke again. That is one of the biggest and most important reasons why you must look at the various alternatives to smoking and finding something that will actually help and support your need to quit.

Consider a Vape Pen to Give Up Smoking

Giving up cigarettes is not going to be easy no matter how often you smoke or how much! Nicotine and tobacco can be very addictive and while you can get used to not smoking them on a physical level, emotionally your body will crave them. It is just so hard to quit smoking cigarettes which is why suitable alternatives must be looked at. They may be the only real way to prevent you from drifting back to regular cigarettes. A pod vape may be one such choice; just remember to find something that will actually help you give up cigarettes for good.For more details read our article http://www.stonesbeverage.com/ugly-effects-smoking/

The Ugly Effects of Smoking

The Ugly Effects of Smoking

Why aren’t more people using a pod mod? For more details read herekit https://vapeanalyst.com/best-pod-mods.There are millions who smoke and yet there are few who really think about ways to reduce their overall intake. The trouble is that smoking might look ‘cool’ but it really brings about a lot of potentially serious and dangerous risks to everyday health and wellbeing. There are far too many people who don’t consider smoking a risk but that might be the wrong attitude. Read on to find out a few ugly effects of smoking.

Yellowing Teeth and Finger Tips

Tar deposits are left behind when smoking and this causes stains on the teeth. Teeth can, in fact, become yellow through smoking and even when you are a thorough brusher, you can see the yellow stains remain. It’s quite a concern and that’s not all; the finger tips can also be stained along with the nails. These are often hard to shift and that can really cause some problems for a lot of people. A vape pen starter kit can often be a useful tool to look into as this may prevent staining as it’s an electronic device.

Bigger Risk of Gum Disease

Most people aren’t aware that when they smoke, they are put at greater risk of acquiring gum disease and having issues with their teeth. That is a real issue for most people and for that reason it’s wise to give up smoking. A vape box is highly used in place of traditional cigarettes. There is a real risk of tooth loss with long-term smoking.

The Ugly Effects of Smoking

Affecting Your Heart Health and Respiratory System

Smoke is not good for your lungs and when you smoke you are inhaling a lot of smoke at any one time which can cause a lot of issues for your lungs. What is more, your heart and respiratory system can take a feel punch with smoking and its one ugly and unfortunate side effect of smoking. You might not really think too much about these things when smoking but there have been studies suggesting those who smoke are at greater risk of having heart disease than those who don’t. Yes, there are a lot of factors with heart disease but smoking is a real harm to your body. A lot of people have looked into a vape pen starter kit to help move away from these effects.


It May Cause Birth Defects

There is a reason why doctors advise women not to smoke when pregnant. One such problem can be that the baby is harmed by smoke causing their lungs to be undeveloped. Also, the child can suffer from serious birth defects and may be undeveloped as a whole. The smoke can in fact kill an unborn baby which again is one of the biggest reasons not to smoke. This may sound like a bit of a scare tactic for new mothers but it’s very much a reality of smoking. It’s the ugly side effects of smoking but it’s one every parent should remember. Think before lifting the pod mod.

Smoking Offers Too Many Risks

Traditional smoking is very dangerous indeed. There are serious health risks with them and they aren’t going away any time soon! That is one of the biggest and most important reasons to look into alternatives or at least reduce the risks to you and those around you. Looking into a vape box might not sound ideal but it could be the solution to reduce and wean you away from cigarettes and traditional smoking.…

10 Powerful Tips to Stop Smoking

10 Powerful Tips to Stop Smoking

From the best vape pen to chewing sweets there are a dozen different ways to stop smoking. You would think giving up the old cigarettes would be easy; after all, they are just some tobacco wrapped into a cigarette and yet they aren’t as easy to say goodbye to! For most people, they do struggle with giving up the cigarettes but there are ways to do just that. Read on to find just ten simple but potentially powerful tips to stop smoking today.

Consider E-Cigs

While electronic cigarettes are still technically smoking, it’s in a totally newer and more effective form. E-juice is used rather than traditional cigarettes and vapor is created which gives the illusion of real smoking. Nicotine flavors, along with many others, are available so people can get their nicotine fix. This might not sound the ideal way to give up smoking entirely but it’s a simple way to potentially reduce the overall amount. It’s something you should give a lot of consideration to especially if you’ve been struggling with smoking recently.

Reduce the Daily Amount Being Smoked

Going cold turkey does not work with smoking or indeed anything and it can be potentially dangerous for smokers. While you might think cutting out cigarettes entirely is great, it’s the fastest way to smoke more. You see when you remove something you’re body is used to such as cigarettes it craves them as it cannot adjust to the change so quickly. However, if you slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes you use on a daily basis you can allow your body the time it needs to get used to the change. This is one useful way to stopping smoking and while you might like the best vape pen, it’s not always the ideal solution for everyone.

Replace Your Morning Smoke With A Healthy Cup Of Tea!

If you’re someone who usually smokes first thing in the morning or last thing at night, you could consider changing your routine and opting for a cup of tea, coffee, or water! These things are far better for you than tobacco products, even when using e-juice! You can easily add these into your daily routine instead of a cigarette. It’s always possible to change and find ways to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked.

10 Powerful Tips to Stop Smoking

Take A Deep Breathe and Resist Temptation

Resisting temptation is hard, whether you’re trying to eat healthier or give up smoking. When you are so used to something, it’s hard to give it up which is why you have to find a way to make it less tempting. Whenever you feel tempted to reach for the cigarettes, you must stop, take a deep breath, and walk away. It might sound far easier than what it is but once you stop and think about what you’re about to do, you might feel less inclined to smoke. You might instead reach for an e-cig with e-juice and, if so, that’s fine but make sure you aren’t depending on that otherwise you’ll need to give up e-cigs too.

Listen To Soothing Music

When you’re tempted to reach for the best vape pen, turn on music. Listening to some music can be the ideal way to take your mind off smoking and get you thinking of something else entirely. Music is a distraction and it’s something you want to use to your advantage also. You don’t have to blast the music loudly or indeed listen to it a lot but it might just help you avoid picking up a cigarette. Also, it’s a simple way to avoid falling back into the trap of smoking.

Find Something to Distract

Quitting smoking isn’t easy and it’s getting harder to avoid simple cigarettes which are why you need to find something to distract you. Now, that might be easier said than done but the distraction can be a host of simple everyday things. For instance, you can read a book or bite your nails even to distract you; or you could consider going for a jog. Finding a simple way to distract your mind can absolutely stop you smoking. If you are using e-juice and want to cut down, do the same thing. Find a distraction.

Get Some Self-Help Classes

Who really wants to take a class? Self help classes aren’t always the most appealing element for most people and yet it can be very effective indeed. A self help class can give you some inspirational words to kick-start your fight to give up smoking. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the best vape pen or using traditional cigarettes, self help might stop you. What is more, you can get tapes to listen to which stop you from smoking.

Hammer Home the Consequences of Smoking

Hammering home the real consequences of smoking will really hit you hard but that can be the ideal way for you to stay well away from the cigarettes. You can tell yourself how bad they are for your heart or look at pictures online of the effects of smoking! If they are gruesome enough that’ll stop you from picking up the e-juice!

Exercise More

Exercising might not seem like the ideal way to keep you from smoking but it really could be a massive help. When you exercise you feel better, healthier and more active and when you feel like this, you are more inclined to stay away from the unhealthy things, including cigarettes. This might actually give you the ideal way to give up the best vape pen and stop smoking entirely. That is one of the biggest reasons why getting more exercise into your daily routine could be more than useful.

Eat Carrots or Toffees

Eating instead of smoking can be the way to increase your weight but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t use it to your advantage. For instance, if you eat healthier snacks such as fruit or vegetables or low-fat yogurt when you feel tempted to smoke, it will distract you. This could be a simpler way to avoid cigarettes. Toffees are often a popular option too but be careful as if you eat too much you might put on the pounds. E-juice can be a good alternative if you’re using e-cigs but, again, you don’t want to get too focused on this as you’ll need to find something to reduce this type of smoking.

Give Up Traditional Smoking Today

Stop smoking isn’t easy. There are millions who have tried and failed at this simply because they haven’t had the right mentality and not the right driving force behind them. It can be a real waste but there are simple ways to stop smoking. The above are only a few options and hopefully they will help you, even if you are using the best vape pen. For more information …