The Ugly Effects of Smoking

The Ugly Effects of Smoking

Why aren’t more people using a pod mod? For more details read herekit are millions who smoke and yet there are few who really think about ways to reduce their overall intake. The trouble is that smoking might look ‘cool’ but it really brings about a lot of potentially serious and dangerous risks to everyday health and wellbeing. There are far too many people who don’t consider smoking a risk but that might be the wrong attitude. Read on to find out a few ugly effects of smoking.

Yellowing Teeth and Finger Tips

Tar deposits are left behind when smoking and this causes stains on the teeth. Teeth can, in fact, become yellow through smoking and even when you are a thorough brusher, you can see the yellow stains remain. It’s quite a concern and that’s not all; the finger tips can also be stained along with the nails. These are often hard to shift and that can really cause some problems for a lot of people. A vape pen starter kit can often be a useful tool to look into as this may prevent staining as it’s an electronic device.

Bigger Risk of Gum Disease

Most people aren’t aware that when they smoke, they are put at greater risk of acquiring gum disease and having issues with their teeth. That is a real issue for most people and for that reason it’s wise to give up smoking. A vape box is highly used in place of traditional cigarettes. There is a real risk of tooth loss with long-term smoking.

The Ugly Effects of Smoking

Affecting Your Heart Health and Respiratory System

Smoke is not good for your lungs and when you smoke you are inhaling a lot of smoke at any one time which can cause a lot of issues for your lungs. What is more, your heart and respiratory system can take a feel punch with smoking and its one ugly and unfortunate side effect of smoking. You might not really think too much about these things when smoking but there have been studies suggesting those who smoke are at greater risk of having heart disease than those who don’t. Yes, there are a lot of factors with heart disease but smoking is a real harm to your body. A lot of people have looked into a vape pen starter kit to help move away from these effects.


It May Cause Birth Defects

There is a reason why doctors advise women not to smoke when pregnant. One such problem can be that the baby is harmed by smoke causing their lungs to be undeveloped. Also, the child can suffer from serious birth defects and may be undeveloped as a whole. The smoke can in fact kill an unborn baby which again is one of the biggest reasons not to smoke. This may sound like a bit of a scare tactic for new mothers but it’s very much a reality of smoking. It’s the ugly side effects of smoking but it’s one every parent should remember. Think before lifting the pod mod.

Smoking Offers Too Many Risks

Traditional smoking is very dangerous indeed. There are serious health risks with them and they aren’t going away any time soon! That is one of the biggest and most important reasons to look into alternatives or at least reduce the risks to you and those around you. Looking into a vape box might not sound ideal but it could be the solution to reduce and wean you away from cigarettes and traditional smoking.

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